Services - Implementation


Sales Commission is a complex process. Implementing commission solutions takes some effort. There are many reasons for this. Some possible reasons impacting implementation complexity are:

  • Integration data from Accounting/CRM datasources or Excel
  • Integration of data back to Payroll and Accounts Payable systems
  • Improper set up of source data to be able to integrate (e.g. Reps not specified, Costs not specified)
  • Paying both internal and external staff
  • Necessity of doing figuring out gross profit from sales, when cost data is not clearly available
  • Necessity of calculating commissions at one time (Invoicing) and holding on to pay at a different time (Cash receipt)
  • Necessity of loading past attainment into the system, when commissions rates and bonuses are based already processed data
  • Ability to cancel/claw back past paid commissions at the proper rate. Needing to have the past transactions loaded
  • Rolling up and providing overrides to other individuals
  • Many unique plans by groups and by individuals
  • Many exceptions to processing
  • Suggesting business process changes and implementation of these business process changes

Due to these complexities, we provide the QCommission QuickStart implementation program. This program takes care of getting you live on the product. This program does not require any site visits. This program would include the following:

  • Analysis of Sales Organization Structure
  • Analysis of Company and Calendar
  • Analysis of Payees
  • Analysis and setup of data needs
  • Analysis and setup of Sales Organization Structure
  • Analysis and setup of Company and Calendar
  • Analysis and setup of Payees
  • Analysis and setup of data interfaces within QCommission
  • Analysis and setup of Plans and Incentives for each unique plan
  • Testing of the entire application over a fiscal period
  • Validating the results with the client
  • Implementing the software and database
  • Training on use of QCommission
Not in scope
  • Customization of the QCommission product
  • Custom reports or statements
  • Conversion of historical data
Client responsibility
  • Providing source data for interfaces in the proper format
  • The quality of the source data
  • 100% availability of compensation administrator during the implementation period
  • Availability of other resources
  • Availability of hardware, software, network resources
  • Testing and verification of results and approval
  • User documentation of processes and procedures