How It Works

QCommission is designed to produce results. The product encompasses a lot of features that can make it unique in its own way. It frees you from the clutches of the traditional manual calculations and can directly influence sales people with a steady supply of information on their sales.

We guide you through QCommission to set up a plan and generate a sales commission report:

1. Import Process
2. Maintenance
3. Plan wizard
4. Statements and reports

Fast and Easy to use

An important feature that makes any product acceptable is the user friendliness and ease of use. QCommission clearly satisfies both with a well-designed GUI and data architecture.

  • Easy installation: Start using online
  • Improved Usability: QCommission follows an easy point and click entry for faster data entry. Drop down boxes for most fields to ensure consistency. You can easily make edits and plan changes since the rules and tables are not hardwired to the database
  • Help Access in multiple ways: In addition to Online Help, you may seek assistance using Quick Help. Quick help is provided on every form in the form of questions

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