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Resellers are firms that are in the business of reselling products to end consumers. They can source the products from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors (generally Providers). Resellers perform an important role in the supply chain of products between manufacturers and consumers. Resellers are found in almost every type of industry from housing to technology.

QCommission enables you to quickly calculate commission, draw, and bonuses, verify results and distribute this information to your Sales Reps, Consultants/Implementers Project Managers and Sales Managers. Present the commission information in such a way that your Sales Reps clearly understand what they are being paid and why they are being paid at a very detailed level. Excel and manual calculations can introduce a lot of errors into your calculations and cause your agents to lose trust in you. QCommission can help avoid that by calculating all commissions systematically and reliably.

Resellers are firms that are in the business of reselling products to end consumers. These resellers are also known as "Value Added Resellers" (VARs). Implementing a Sales Commission System in a Reseller Industry give rise to unique set of challenges. QCommission solves the major issues in understanding these challenges, calculating and Paying commissions on time.

  • Pay for Inside/Outside Sales staff, Managers, Implementers, Consultants
  • Pay commissions on periodic basis starting from weekly
  • Pay commissions on Product SPIFs
  • Get costs for invoices from associated POs or directly from Products/Services
  • Calculate gross margin after deducting costs and expenses
  • Pay commissions on Revenue, Gross margin, Billed hours, etc
  • Pay flat and tiered commissions rates
  • Pay overrides for Managers
  • Pay commissions on Invoice, Receipt of Cash or after completion of a job

Case Studies

Hunt/Chemstation has a smooth automation of commissions using QCommission

ChemStation offers custom-formulated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning and process chemicals, delivered to refillable containers. Hunt and Company (Hunt) is a franchisee of ChemStation International with multiple locations in four states.

Hunt uses the ChemStation supplied Tank software system for order processing and delivery. Hunt's commission plans had a number of unique requirements. Commissions had to be paid on gross profit after accounting for cost differences between time of order and time of delivery. Commission had to be paid on paid invoices. There were different commission rates for strategic accounts & non strategic accounts. Commissions had to be split to multiple locations particularly because Hunt managed multiple locations and sales staff sold across the locations. Some accounts had to be paid at special commission rates. Shipping expenses had to be excluded. Hunt also wanted to give sales staff incentive to maintain current customer A/R by paying full commission if the invoice was paid within 60 days. After that commission rate would be reduced based on time.

Hunt was looking for a software application to automate this difficult process. "Our biggest problem in doing manual calculations was keeping track of paid invoices. We also had problems handling split-commissions, plus, we needed better, easier-to-understand commission reports for our salespeople" said Skip Hunt, President of Hunt and Co. At the same time Hunt was also evaluating an accounting system and had decided upon the QuickBooks® Enterprise system. "When we were looking for a software which would work smoothly with QuickBooks® and have flexible commission options, our QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions Specialist, Rush Rollins, recommended QCommission sales commission software." QCommission was picked as the solution for the commissions portion of the business.

CellarStone, the provider of QCommission, is a Gold Developer partner of Intuit with high customer satisfaction ratings. QCommission integrates easily with QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions and has been able to accommodate commission "rules" for all the scenarios. QCommission could even handle other scenarios such as adjustments to commission (customer give-aways such as golf balls, hats, etc.) that sales staff provide. The QCommission system was able to take sales person cost from an extended field of QuickBooks® and sales staff and properly calculate commissions. "The QCommission team worked very flexibly with us even as the requirements and project needs changed. There was quite a bit of data to be converted and they helped navigate that process. They willingly re-configured commission rules if we found we missed a requirement. They've given us the flexible payment rates we need. They handle split commission to be paid to multiple sales people and a very simple process to add adjustments. They have delivered everything we asked for and added features we didn't know we needed. Their tech team made this an easy, 'pain-free', professional transition. Every question asked has been answered in a timely, knowledgeable manner. There have not been any issues in getting support even though their support staff are in different time zones from us. The reports are extremely easy to read and we supply a copy of the commission statement to our salespeople at the end of each period. Our sales staffs have commented that the 'new' statements look good and they are able to understand them better than in our old system."

Customer Testimonials
"Now we have seamless integration with QuickBooks®, better reporting and are able to complete the commission calculation on time without errors. I would recommend QCommissions to anyone who is looking to automate their commissions process."

From Chaos to Order with QCommission

It's early in the year, and all businesses, big and small, want to start off on the right foot when it comes to financial reporting and maintaining accurate corporate information. That's why we want to tell you about this great sales commission calculation software we are using at JPC Inc. available from called QCommission.

QCommission is both powerful and flexible as sales commission software because it's easy to use and cost effective to put into practice. The software offers all the features, benefits and functionality that every business is looking for. It's actually a standalone product that will set up a commission plan for you, then track and calculate commissions or bonuses for all your sales people independently.

The beauty of QCommission is that it can also be integrated into your accounting system. For instance, if you use QuickBooks® it can get accounting data for commission calculations from that software. The calculated commissions can be updated to CRM systems such as SalesForce®, as well. It's really a very powerful and versatile system.

When I asked our Office Manager, Kristin Stenerodden, what she liked about it, she said, "Before QCommission, I was going nuts with spreadsheets and the multiple email reports from our sales people. We were always making revisions, and never knew for sure if our figures were right. Ever since getting QCommission, I can be at ease, knowing all calculations are correct. The commissions are also calculated quickly and the application is user friendly."

Actually, sales commissions are a major factor that drives sales people to perform. They may see commissions going up and they're motivated. If they see them inching down, they know they have to work harder. This software gives everyone a clear picture about how sales are going, and it lessens the workload for both the sales force and accounting.

Below are some of the tasks you can accomplish with QCommission:

  • Import data from source systems including invoice transactions, payees, customers and products.
  • Import from US Editions of QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions (QB® 2002 onwards), Accountant Editions, Canadian Editions and UK Editions.
  • Import from Excel, and fixed or text-delimited files.
  • Export commission data to® and view commission statements and other related data within®.
  • Export data to Excel, and fixed or text-delimited file formats.

The QCommission plan describes your sales commission plan and provides setup plans to calculate payouts on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other frequency.

You can configure it to pay commission by product, customer or type of sales. It can calculate commissions based on sales, profit or quantity. And it can calculate multiple incentives and bonuses for a payee per period. You'll love the flexibility. It can pay for standard transactions, cancellations and adjustments, and you can use it to pay your sales people as well as your managers.

You get a standard set of reports with QCommission, such as detailed commission statements and other reports, or you can create your own commission statements. The application is accessible through email or web. You can even use its Analytics to get a multi dimensional view of your data by slicing and dicing the data. View performance by payee, product, incentive, time period and other criteria.

Here's a list of benefits you can achieve with this software:

  • Reduce errors in commissions calculations
  • Pay commissions on time
  • Use commissions plans that fit your business
  • Communicate compensation clearly
  • Complete reporting
  • Avoid double data entry
  • Track sales, commissions and bonuses
  • Reduce administrative time and effort
  • Reduce administrative and overpayment costs
  • Increase your employees' trust and morale

JPC Inc. CEO Jason Prescott asked me to write this review because he endorses this product enthusiastically. "They are a great resource for SMB's and really help to manage the business form a nice financial perspective," said Prescott.

The company is based in California and has been in business since 2000. CellarStone is focused on developing user-friendly, sales commission calculation software for small and mid-market businesses. QCommission's customers are from just about every industry, from healthcare to insurance to manufacturing to pharma and mortgage industries, just too many to list them all.

So if you want to be in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and ensure your company maintains accurate corporate information, you might consider checking out QCommission sales commission calculation software. 

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