FAQ - QuickBooks® Integration

1. Is QCommission integrated with earlier versions of QuickBooks®?
Yes, For information on list of QuickBooks® editions supported by QCommission, please visit our QuickBooks® Integration page.
2. I am not a QuickBooks® user.Can I use QCommission?
3. I have the Canadian version of QuickBooks®; will QCommission support it?
4. Do I need to login as administrator to access QuickBooks® from QCommission?
5. I have installed QuickBooks® and QCommission in two different PCs connected over LAN; will be able to import data into QCommission?
6. What data is passed between QuickBooks® and QCommission?
7. Is QCommission hosted or installed like QuickBooks®?
8. Will there be any problem when I upgrade my QuickBooks® version?
9. I want to export my Payee's Commission data back to QuickBooks®. How can I do that?
10. What kind of data can be imported from QuickBooks® to QCommission?
11. I am QuickBooks user, do I have to run QuickBooks® while using QCommission?
12. Can I modify the customer and product details in QCommission after importing from QuickBooks®?
13. Does QCommission support QuickBooks® online?
14.Does QCommission supports import data from multiple QuickBooks® Online companies?
15. What are the objects data can be imported from QuickBooks® Online?
16. Can the commissions be calculated based on created or paid invoices from QuickBooks® Online?
17. Does QCommission supports importing data from Bills from QuickBooks® Online?
18. Does QCommission supports importing data from QuickBooks® Online custom fields?
19. I have added custom fields in my QuickBooks® Online account. Will QCommission import them?
20. How do I delete the invoices that got imported wrongly?
21. Will closed transactions in QCommission get updated in Import process?
22. Did QCommission import my Credit card and other personal information from QuickBooks® Online?
23.Does QCommission supports QuickBooks® online edition?