FAQ - Plan

1. How do I create a plan for a payee?

With Plan wizard, you can create a plan for a payee.

2. Can I use the same plan for different payee of the same category?
3. How many incentives can I set for a payee?
4. If I want to give commission for a payee at different intervals in a year, how can I do it?
5. If I do not set quotas/goals, will I be able to calculate commission?
6. I want to give payee commission with respect to a particular transaction, customer, and product; can I do the same in QCommission?
7. How many credit rules can I assign for a payee?
8. How does credit rule affect my calculation?
9. What are the different criteria available while setting a credit rule?
10. What is Expression builder?
11. How does an Expression builder work?
12. What is a variable in QCommission?
13. In how many ways I can calculate Sales Commission?
14. I want to calculate commission just for one Payee; can I do that?
15. I want to give a minimum payout amount irrespective of the calculated commission; can I do the same with QCommission?
16. Can I limit the amount to be given to payee if his commission exceeds a certain amount?
17. Where can I get sample plans and data?
18. What is Event based crediting? How is it used to calculate commission?
19. What are the different options used to calculate Gross profit, while importing from QuickBooks?
20. Is it possible to set the calculation order for the plans? If so how?
21. Can I set calculation order for the incentives? If so how?
22. I want to schedule my calculation process/import process. How could I do?
23. What are the data that will be carried forward when moving to the next fiscal year?
24. Can I pay commissions to one of my employees and treat it as a 1099 payment?
25. How do I decide what commission rate to pay my sales rep?
26. My sales reps’ commissions are very seasonal. How do I make sure they have a more predictable income stream?
27. Can QCommission calculate commission on gross profit?
28. Can QCommission avoid paying commissions on incidental charges such as Shipping?
29. Can QCommission split commissions across more then one payee?
30. How do we handle employee contributions towards benefits if a sales person makes no sales in a pay period. Would that be an automatic deduction forwarded to the next payroll cycle? How does QCommission handle it?
31. As part of sales commission, a recoverable draw is paid to the sales person. Is the draw amount taxable?