Sales Commission Software

QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software. QCommission has tight integration with many accounting/CRM systems to bring in sales details and can also work as a stand-alone product in providing solutions. It can also share the data with spreadsheets, delimited and fixed length files. QCommission is specially designed to assist all size companies in calculating sales people's compensation accurately, quickly and professionally.

QCommission can be operated as a stand-alone product to manage your compensation needs. It can also be operated with spreadsheets, delimited and fixed length files. It has tight integration with QuickBooks, MicroSoft Dynamics, Sage,, SugarCRM and many other systems to bring in the sales details.

QCommission is trusted by 2000+ Customers, 50+ Countries and 65+ Industires


Pay Commissions on Time

Manual processes to calculate sales commission can take significant amounts of time and payments can sometimes be thirty or more days late. This causes reconciliation issues and dissatisfaction among the salespeople.

Can Operate Standalone

QCommission can operate standalone without reliance on other systems. QCommission can be used in conjunction with any other systems as long as the data can be imported or keyed into the QCommission application.

Track Sales, Commissions and Bonus

QCommission allows the loading of all sales and other performance data. In addition commissions and bonuses can be tracked independently for the full plan duration.

Are Sales Commissions Stressing You Out?

QCommission is a powerful web-based sales commission solution that can be tailored to just about any sales compensation plan there is. QCommission can help you:

Increase Accuracy

Reduce errors in sales commissions.

Reduce Time & Effort

Run commissions within minutes.

Reduce Costs

Reduce administrator time & costs due to errors.

Reporting Ability

Comprehensively on sales commission information.